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We think installing Hayward variable speed pool pumps is fun.  

We install new filters and heaters also.

Pool pumps are challenging to install.

They are energy efficient and they filter the water better.

They have a 90% smaller carbon foot print over single speed pump.

C-53 Licensed contractor # 703087

Certified aquatic equipment installer

Hayward Pool Pro

Hayward warranty station

LA County Health Department license # 3416

Installing variable speed pool pumps since 2006

Installed over 10,000 variable speed pump

Frequently Asked Questions

Filter FAQ's

Is this filter big enough for my pool?

Yes, it is larger in filter area and holds more dirt than your old filter

Is this filter easy to clean?

Yes, it is low to the ground, the elements weigh less and it is easier to clean than your old filter.

Heater FAQ's

The H200FD heater is 200,000 BTUs but my old heater is 400,000 BTUs, will this heater be large enough to heat my pool?

Yes, all heaters sold in California as of 2006 are high efficiency and low pollution.  The H200FD burns clean and is much more efficient than your old heater.  It will heat your pool better than your old heater and use much less natural gas.

Will it heat my spa?

Yes, it will heat your spa up to 104 degrees.

Can I buy a larger heater?

Yes, 250,000 BTU is $3,000 installed, 400,000 BTU is $4,400 installed

Pool Pump FAQ's

What is the electrical upgrade that is required with every variable speed pump install?

 The Department of Energy’s Energy Conservation Standards for pool pumps sets the year 2021 as the deadline by which variable speed pumps will become mandatory for powering pool and spa filtration systems.  Every variable speed pump requires an electrical upgrade when installed.  That is why we include the electrical upgrade with every pump install.  When a variable speed pump is installed the electrical supply must to be upgraded to a GFCI breaker.

What is a GFCI breaker?

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter breaker.

Will you come back to my house if I have a problem with my new pump?

Yes. If it is covered by Haywards warranty we will come out and in, most cases, fix it that day, at no charge to you.  If it is not a warranty issue we charge a discounted service call of $85 which can be applied to any other equipment repair.

How much is your service call fee?

$125 and you can apply it towards any new equipment, repair or service.

Will my new pump work with my remote?
Yes, our experienced installers can install your new pump to work seamlessly with any remote at no additional cost.  You will use your remote time exactly the same way as before.
Will my new pump be as strong as my old pump?

Single speed pumps move up to 120 GPM (Gallons Per Minute). The TriStar pump can push up to 130 GPM - this is stronger than your old pump. The MaxFlo pump can push up to 95 GPM.

My old pump still works, should I replace it anyway?

Yes, the TriStar saves $1,000 a year in electricity and the MaxFlo saves $800 a year in electricity.

Will there be extra charges when you arrive to install my new pump, filter or heater?


My pool service company says that the new pump is causing the pool to turn green, is the true?

There is only one reason a pool turns green, not enough chlorine is being add to the water.  All a pool pump and filter does is filter dirt, it is chlorine that kills and keeps algae from growing.  

My old pump is broken will you repair it?

No. The repair cost + no electrical savings + no warranty, it is not financially or environmentally responsible to repair an old pump.

How do I schedule my new pump install?

Call 661-263-7503 or clink on schedule install.

I am have a problem with my pool do you give free technical support?

Yes, text pictures of your pool and pool equipment to 661-263-7503.  Most problems we can diagnose and provide a price over the phone saving you a $125 service call

What happens to my pump calibration and programing if the power goes out?

Nothing, when the power turns back on the pump will run its normal schedule.

Our Refund Policy

All pool equipment, at installation, will function to the manufacturers’ factory specifications or your money back.  

Your swimming pool needs 5 things for crystal clear water:

Variable speed pump

Electrical upgrade

Clean Filter



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